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Whispers are the Epicmafia version of private messaging - in game. However, whispers are not completely private, as the contents, and sometimes the recipient, has a chance to be leaked to the rest of the players.


Whispers can be used in many different ways:

  • Whispering to other players to discuss game specific matters.
  • Whispering to yourself to send one way messages as a means of contacting those spectating in the graveyard.
  • Attempting to Leak on purpose (e.g. with Fool so as to be lynched).
  • Sending System Messages to the people they concern (e.g. a Cop whispering a report to another player).
  • Sending "passwords" to confirmed innocents as a means of thwarting a Disguiser.
  • Discussing Mafia strategy during the day

Avoiding Leaking

To avoid leaking important information, various methods are available:

  • Sending your message in several parts.
  • Send several role claims, before claiming at the end which one it was (e.g. "Tracker, Hunter, Watcher." "I am the center role." refers to the center role, the Hunter).
  • Claim that you will says what role you are in the next sentence, before saying a perfectly normal sentence, with a role in it. (e.g. "I am going to claim in the next sentence.", "The Cop is lying low this game." will imply you are the Cop).

Anonymous Messages

Anonymous messages are a specific power of the Agent and the Spy. Anonymous messages are similar to whispers in that they're both attempts to communicate information privately between two individuals, but different in three important ways:

  • Unlike whispers, anonymous messages never leak.
  • Anonymous messages may be heard by multiple people in a group (such as a group of Cultists), whereas whispers may only be directed to one person.
  • Anonymous messages do not contain the sender's name, whereas whispers always do.

System Message

This is what the whisper looks like to both the sender and the recipient:

(player1) whispers to (player2): EpicMafia sure is fun!

Whispers have a 5% chance of leaking. This is what the whisper would look like if the whisper leaked to the town:

(player1) whispers to someone: EpicMafia sure is fun!

Both the whisper and the recipient have a 1% chance of leaking. This is what the whisper would look like if both the whisper and the recipient leaked to the town:

(player1) whispers to (player2): EpicMafia sure is fun!

Setup Options
Day startMust LynchWhisperPassworded GamesNo Reveal