Virgin Strategy

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  • It's probably best to keep quiet about your role, as much like the Hunter you're only useful lynched and being killed will do the town no good.
  • Only out your role if Doctor is dead and power roles are outed, as you can keep important roles such as the Cop or Tracker alive another day.
  • In setups with Fools, it may be best not to bother with trying to get yourself lynched: everyone will only think you're fool and won't take your reads seriously.
  • If there's a Yakuza, do not lynch the virgin until the yak is dead. This is because if someone is targetted to be yakked on the night the virgin is killed, the yakuza will stay alive but the yak will be successful.
  • In some cases, the easiest way to get yourself lynched is to fake a scumslip at the beginning of the day and then try to very clumsily play it off.
  • If there is a detective, ask him to investigate you. Expect to get lynched the next day if the detective survives.