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Ranked Game

A ranked game (displayed by a heart icon, as seen below) differs from an unranked in that:

  • Each game "costs" 1 heart to play
  • Points are awarded to the winning roles, but are not added to the player's Round Score.

A setup is able to play as a ranked game when it reaches 12 positive karma

  • Setups that provide for excellent gameplay and are balanced (equal win ratios for mafia and town) may be picked by trophy winners to become competitive setups for the next round.

If someone suicides or is kicked, the game will turn unranked and every player involved (other than the one who suicided) will be returned their heart. No points can be earned by finishing the game.

  • The player who suicided is penalized -50 points as well as 1 heart and must sit out 10 minutes before playing another game.

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