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A massclaim is where all players in the game say which role they are. It forces mafias to fakeclaim and in certain situations can make finding the scum easy. However, massclaiming doesn't always work; in games with converting roles such as Cultists or Yakuzas, a converted person could claim their original role and appear innocent.

In a game with whispers enabled, the town may decide to claim to a certain clear (or near-clear), who can sort out the information in order to decide who to lynch or how otherwise to proceed (typically by finding counterclaimed roles). This has the advantage of not outing players' roles, especially power roles, to the mafia as a public massclaim would do. Since whispers may leak, the standard way of whisperclaiming is with a randomly ordered list of roles followed by the corresponding number, e.g.

Player1 whispers to Player2 | doc / cop / blue / vig
Player1 whispers to Player2 | 3

to claim to be a villager.

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