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The mafia in a game is the informed minority, that has to use the powers of already knowing each other, with private meetings at night and the role exclusive powers to outnumber the village members or have the same amount of mafia as village members. While each mafia role is unique, they can be categorized into two main groups: those that attend mafia meetings, and those that don't. Those that do not attend meetings are often without any way of knowing who their allies are until contacted, with some exceptions (some mafia roles can't target other mafia roles). Apart from the mafia, there are some roles that share a victory condition with the mafia, though they have special rules applied to how they operate.

Attend Meetings

Actress.png  Actress

Disguiser.png  Disguiser

Driver.png  Driver

Forger.png  Forger

Framer.png  Framer

Enforcer.png  Enforcer

Godfather.png  Godfather

Hooker.png  Hooker

Informant.png  Informant

Interceptor.png  Interceptor

Janitor.png  Janitor

Lawyer.png  Lawyer

Lookout.png  Lookout

Mafia.png  Mafia

Ninja.png  Ninja

Paparazzi.png  Paparazzi

Paralyzer.png  Paralyzer

Poisoner.png  Poisoner

Saboteur.png  Saboteur

Scout.png  Scout

Spy.png  Spy

Stalker.png  Stalker

Tailor.png  Tailor

Ventriloquist.png  Ventriloquist

Voodoo Lady.png  Voodoo Lady

Witch.png  Witch

Yakuza.png  Yakuza

Don't Attend Meetings

Fiddler.png  Fiddler

Interrogator.png  Interrogator

Quack.png  Quack

Silencer.png  Silencer

Sniper.png  Sniper

Thief.png  Thief

Mafia-Aligned Third Parties

Traitor.png  Traitor: Only wins if the mafia wins. Does not count toward total mafia. Does not attend meetings.

Politician.png  Politician: Randomly swaps (or doesn't swap) between town and mafia. Does not count toward total mafia. Does not attend meetings.

Mastermind.png  Mastermind: Wins if the mafia wins, though the mafia loses if he survives. Shares a meeting with the mafia, in which his vote counts twice. Makes mafia meetings anonymous.