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The EM 2.0 framework entered beta testing on 25 Jan 2010 and was released on 5 February 2010. It was taken down on the night of 29 Jan 2011 to be replaced with EM3.

New Features

  • New roles (Baker, Oracle)
  • New backend (new hardware server, new web server software, new backend entirely)
  • Supports unicode characters more fully
  • When game logic breaks, the game quits, everyone is kicked from the table, and hearts are returned.

Updated Features

  • Amnesiac cannot pick up suicided roles
  • Bomb kills the first to vote, instead of the last (unconfirmed)
  • Jailer has a meeting every night, even on N1 or after a lynch.
  • Vigilante now dies when targeting the same person as Mafia, in addition to the targeted person.
  • Warlock can choose "no one" in Must Lynch setups
  • Watcher no longer count as a visit for Tracker reports (giving more consistency of what it means to visit for Granny/Witch/Interceptor)
  • Town Drunk can drunk Granny successfully, but the Granny still shoots non-Drunks (unconfirmed)
  • Witch is now a visiting role
  • Order of events has been changed

Non-Role Bugs

Discuss EM2 bugs
  • There is no Password Reset or Forgotten Password option.
  • Tied votes lead to a deadlock, even without kicking. Kicking during a deadlock results in a no-lynch.
  • Death messages at the wrong stage (e.g., n1 deaths are reported at the conclusion of n1 instead of the beginning of d1)
  • (Kicking locks votes) Not a bug. The point is that votes should not be based on others' votes and/or vote flashing
  • After someone is kicked, everyone who voted for the kicked player(s) must change their votes
  • Ranked game statistics aren't registering
  • When you create a new account, you can join ranked games and get negative hearts (screenshot)
  • Statistics for gametypes is calculated as team wins over total wins. It should be team wins over total games.
  • When someone suicides during the night phase, and the votes of Power Roles have already been locked for that night, anyone who has voted for the person who suicided does not get to use their power that night.
    • it has always been that way. Suicides by themselves can break a game, that's why they make the game go unranked, and that's why Mass Suicide is acceptable in those cases and people don't get penalized for it.
    • I got kicked in this case, myself, for not having a vote when I was unable to change it.
  • When registering a new alt on different email, will not able to login either main or alt account for a while. When logging in as ACC1, it says this computer is registered to ACC2. When logging in as ACC2, it says it's registered with ACC1.
  • When you whisper someone during a game and get shot when you have not disabled whisper, then the whispered gets shot, the whisperer will whisper in the graveyard. Other dead people will see any text regularly, but the whisper/whispered will see the "whispered to" (http://www.epicmafia.com/game/777907 day 1)
  • Unable to register an account. Error message "You must enter the same password as above!"
    • I've noticed this too, seems to only occur on Firefox -- Gary Hooker.png Oak 11:19, 17 June 2011 (UTC)
  • When registering a new account, the activation email sends out the url "http:///error/activate?user=&code=" instead of the proper url.
    • this appears to have been fixed
  • Unable to register an account. Error message "You must enter the same password as above-confirm the same problem-it is occured not only on Firefox but also on IE and Opera-any solution?-10 August 2011


Epic Mafia 3 was released find information here! Epic Mafia 3.0