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A counter-claim, often abbreviated to CC, is a claim that contradicts other claims that were made.

i.e. If one player says they are a certain role and another player wishes to contest this, they may counter-claim by saying they are this same role. If two players claim to be the cop, for example, each of them is a counterclaimed (cc'd) cop. If only one player claims to be a cop, she would be the un-counterclaimed, or uncc'd, cop (and usually implicitly clear as well).

When determining if there are cc's, don't forget the actual number of players with each role. For example, if a setup has two Vigilantes, and neither is dead, two players claiming Vig are not counter-claiming since they can both be Vigilantes, but if a third player claims to be Vig as well then that would be a cc. Note that in a multiset, a role may be cc'd in, say, one setup but not in the others.

Counter-claiming town roles is essential for players who are sided with the mafia.

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